Who Are We

I'm no stranger to data or food allergies. I've worked on multiple research projects involving sensitive medical data in the past. In fact, I've actually helped publish a couple of research projects in cardiovascular medicine. 


I also am a sufferer of multiple food allergies, including gluten, dairy, and eggs. As somebody who suffers from these ailments I know the difficulties of eating out and when you're on the road.  That's why I came up with the idea of Cookeyz, an app that would allow people to quickly go thru restaurant menus and find restaurants that are allergy friendly. 

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Muhammad Whylly
Founder, Data Overseer, Designer 
OCD Labs
Technical Team, App Developers

Where I couldn't code OCD labs came in to finish the job. This firm based out of Irvine, California helped bring my designs and idea to life. With multiple years of experience in back-end design and app creation, they have brought to life the Cookeyz app.  


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Paul Walker

Angel Investor who provided funding for project to come to fruition

Sana Ali
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The designer of all the icons, and emojis on the app.  

Santiago Giraldo

Marketing and Early Support

Alex Weier

Data entry help during critical time of app development. 

Muhammad Jawad

Early support and data entry help during the creation of the app

Mario Salmers

Marketing and Early Support

Rest OF The Team

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